Foundations Class

Try us out for FREE!
Are interested in joining but a little nervous about the commitment? No problem!!! We offer a free class every Saturday at 8:30am. To sign up for your free class just call/text/email 573-275-5529

If you are ready to join or you have already done your free class, your next step is to get signed up for our Foundations Course which starts the first week of every month. There are only 10 spots available every month, so contact us today to get your spot reserved.

Foundations Course
If you are new to CrossFit you will be required to go through our Foundation Course which consists of 4 classes over a 2 week period (2 classes per week). Once you show competence in the 9 basic movements of CrossFit you will be allowed to join the regular classes. If we feel you are not ready to join the regular classes after the completion of the Foundations Course then a 5th one-on-one session may be added on to work on the movements giving you the most problem.

Dates for the next available Foundation Courses:

Tuesday, Feb 5th @ 7pm
Thursday, Feb 7th @ 7pm
Tuesday, Feb 12th @ 7pm
Thursday, Feb 14th @ 7pm

Tuesday, Mar 12th @ 7pm
Thursday, Mar 14th @ 7pm
Tuesday, Mar 19th @ 7pm
Thursday, Mar 21st @ 7pm

Tuesday, Apr 9th @ 7pm
Thursday, Apr 11th @ 7pm
Tuesday, Apr 16th @ 7pm
Thursday, Apr 18th @ 7pm

Additional Information
Cost- $99
–Includes 2 weeks of the 4 Foundations Classes
–Additional 2 weeks of Membership to attend the regular classes
–If you would like to get a 3rd workout in during the Foundations Course you are allowed to attend our Saturday Team workouts at 8:30am
–Foundations Course only offered once a month
–There will be a 10 person Cap on all Foundation Courses
–You must pay for the course to guarantee your spot

Foundations Course Outline
Day 1
-What is CrossFit?
-Breakdown of a normal day at Muddy Water CrossFit
-How we modify workouts
-“Baseline” WOD (Workout of the Day)
Day 2
-Importance of Technique
-Core to Extremity movements
Day 3
-Review Movements
-CrossFit programming
Day 4
-Show competency in all 9 basic CrossFit movements
-Importance of Diet
-Re-test “Baseline” WOD