MyWOD App Setup

MyWod is a Smartphone app that can be used to track your progress. We have set up a feed so that our daily Wod posts can show up within your MyWod app.

1.) Download the MyWod App

2.) Once you have installed the app go to the “common” section located on the bottom of the screen.
–From the common section, in the upper right hand corner tap the + sign
–Select “New Feed”
3.) Enter the Box Name: Muddy Water CrossFit
and Feed URL:
(you can copy and paste, or type it)
4.) Tap Save

**if you already have “Muddy Water CrossFit” set up in your MyWOD app with the old feed URL, you’ll need to delete that first

Using the myWOD App
1.) In the myWOD app’s “Common” section, Tap “Muddy Water CrossFit”
2.) You will see a list of our WODs. Tap the WOD you want to record.
3.) Tap “Add to Completed WODs” to record your results
4.) Tap “Score Type” to select the type of WOD (ie. for Time, Load, Reps, etc.)
5.) Enter your results by tapping the box to the right of the “Score Type”
6.) Tap Save