Monthly Newsletter

    By now, all of us members here at Muddy Water have settled into our new home. Sure, there are still small details being ironed out here and there, but especially with the installation of our brand new Axom Performance rig, we are mostly ready for anything at any time in our new building. The addition of this luxury rig is only a piece of the pie that is “Muddy Water CrossFit 2.0,” however, as numerous other pieces of equipment have been added to our community as well. Many members have had questions regarding these additions, so we have decided to provide some insight!

    One of the most noticeable additions has been several new Rogue Fitness 45lb barbells that have been added to our barbell repertoire. These barbells are great for any type of lifting, especially Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. They have a great, solid feel to them and although the knurling may feel a bit sharp at first, it helps with gripping the bar when things get heavy. Because these barbells were manufactured by Rogue Fitness in Columbus Ohio, all of our members can be assured that they are of the highest quality and they were built to last.

    We have also introduced the dreaded Assault Bikes to our members. These machines look like they may be fun or easy to use, but anybody who has completed a wod on one of these bad boys knows that they are absolutely no joke. These machines, manufactured by Assault Fitness, are a great way to build up cardiovascular endurance and just to add a little more “suck” to your workout. If you have yet to try out one of our new Assault Bikes, don’t be afraid! They are an enjoyable piece of equipment and a great way to change up routines while continuing to improve fitness levels.

Next on this list is the fact that we have a total of three GHD machines now. GHD machines are a fairly uncommon piece of equipment to most of our members, but they can be used in a variety of ways to help us all to become much fitter individuals. One of the most common exercises that one may do on a GHD machine is the GHD sit-up. This can be done with a medicine ball for added difficulty, or without any extra weight for a challenging core movement in its own right. Another movement that can be done on them is the glute ham raise. This movement is done by flipping over from the sit-up position and engaging the hamstrings instead (trainers are always nearby if you have any questions regarding these movements.) A quick Google search will bring up numerous other movements that can be performed on these machines and members are free to attempt any of them; all we ask is that they have a trainer nearby for safety reasons. These pieces of equipment are much larger and bulkier than most other pieces of equipment we have become accustomed to, but don’t let that alarm you! The best way to get comfortable with these pieces of equipment is to use them as much as possible.    

In addition to all of this, two new weight sleds have also been added to our community. These sleds have yet to be incorporated into a wod, but members can be certain that when they are, things will get tough very quickly. These sleds can (unfortunately) be loaded with large amounts of weight and are then meant to be pushed a certain distance, usually in a certain amount of time. They also have the capability to be pulled by attaching a rope to them as seen in the Reebok CrossFit Games. These sleds are difficult to move, but there is no need to worry! A trainer will teach you the correct technique to move these beasts before any members have to load them up and start to push.

Other than these new, unfamiliar pieces of equipment, Muddy Water has also accumulated new wall balls, rowers, and weights. All of this equipment will only be beneficial to our individual fitness journeys. The new gym is much more spacious and we as members are able to use all of this new equipment to its full potential as long as we are willing to work to our own full potentials. We have been given the tools, now let’s do the work.

            There are so many things that go into moving gym locations. This move would not have been possible without the help of so many members who have poured their heart and soul into the Muddy Water Community, and I speak for all of the members in our family in thanking each and every member who helped during this move. Not only will this location be the witness to countless pr’s, millions of tears, a ton of torn skin, blood, and a seemingly infinite amount of sweat, but it will be the witness to our community becoming closer than any of us could have ever imagined.


            That in itself makes it all worth it.



-Jeff Yates



Meet Matt!
1. What is your occupation?
7th grade Science Teacher at CJHS
2. What is your favorite thing to eat?
BBQ Pork Steak, Hash Brown Casserole, and Baked Beans.
3. How long have you been at Muddy?
I started at Muddy right before the 2014 Open, so just over 3 years.
4. Has your life changed since you have been at Muddy?
Even though I played sports in school I never really considered myself an athlete. Through my CrossFit training at Muddy I have seen what I am capable of, and how far I can push myself. Now, I love the training and competing. Muddy helped me become an athlete and helped to make the CrossFit Regionals my goal.
5. If you could pick one workout for the Open what would it be?

I love long grinding workouts. Unfortunately, the open is all about shorter workouts, but if I could choose I’d pick Hollyman.
6. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
I have always wanted to visit New Zealand or Samoa . Any Pacific island, really.
7. What is your favorite line of fitness apparel?
If I could afford it, I would buy straight from Reebok for my workout gear.
8. Word of advice for someone debating on joining Muddy Water CrossFit?
You don’t need to be in shape to start. Give it a shot and see why we all can’t stop talking about it.